Why should I register a trademark in Qatar

Why should I register a trademark in Qatar?

Why should I register a trademark in Qatar?

Company owners know the importance of protecting intellectual property and all features involved. Registering a trademark will ensure that the company is not implicated in different infringements like copied trademarks and logos. Here is some information about how you can register a trademark in Qatar:

  • The registration of trademarks in Qatar is protected by Law no. 9/2002 referring to commercial indications, industrial designs and models, trade names etc.
  • A verification of the trademark you wish to register must be made in the first place.
  • Only a single application for trademark registration is needed.
  • The Industrial Property Protection Office registers the company trademarks in Qatar.
  • All the documents comprising the logo/symbols need to be submitted, alongside other papers, to the above-mentioned body.

One should note that foreigners in Qatar must appoint a representative with a power of attorney for trademark registration in this country. It is important to be distinctive in the market and have a unique trademark for your company in Qatar, so a prior verification is required before starting the registration process. If you would like to know more about the trademark registration process in Qatar, please to talk to one of our specialists and ask for details and support.

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