How do I set up a company in a Qatar Free zone QFZ

How do I set up a company in a Qatar Free Zone (QFZ)?

How do I set up a company in a Qatar Freezone?

There are 2 main steps involved in starting your business in a Freezone in Qatar (QFZ) – application stage and registration stage. Both stages are handled by liaison directly with QFZA (Qatar Freezone Authority). Note that PRO Partner Group (PPG) can act as your agent to assist with the set up and liaison with Qatar Freezone Authority to ensure the correct and timeline set up of the freezone company in QFZ. PPG can act as your main point of contact through the process.

Application process to set up in QFZ

This process includes obtaining general information on the company, financial and employment forecasts and a business plan detailing proposed operations and activities.

The documents that you will be required to submit at this stage are:

  • A copy of your company registration (If the company is already registered in Qatar)
  • Audited financial statements or a shareholder’s financial statement from the last 3 years
  • Copies of ID documents for all the directors of the proposed company
  • Proof of payment of the 300 QAR necessary for the application

Registration process to set up in QFZ

The documents that will be submitted at this stage depend on the proposed business activity and structure.

What are the fees to set up in the Qatar Freezone (QFZ)

The initial government fees to set up in QFZ are QAR11,000 for an LLC.

This is comprised of QAR 300 freezone application fee, QAR 5,700 freezone registration fee and QAR 5,000 annual licence fee.

There are currently three free zones operating under the QFZA and all are within 30 minutes of the country’s capital, Doha. Find more details here:

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