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Trade Representative Office in Qatar

Due to the rapid growth of the Economy in Qatar and the country’s focus on diversification, inward investment and sustainability, international businesses are increasingly looking to establish a presence in Doha. Venture Partner Qatar is the ideal partner and on the ground service provider for companies looking to expand their business in the Qatar market and access local business.

Formations of Trade Representative Offices in Qatar has been increasing significantly in recent years due to demand from the local market and the desire for foreign businesses to get a foot on the ground in Qatar. An international company can register a trade representative office (‘Rep Office’) in Qatar in order to provide an outlet to present itself within Qatar and to hire staff. Although the representative trade office is registered in the Commercial Registry of Qatar and the Rep Office can employ staff and obtain labour quota and Qatari Visas, the activity of the Rep Office is limited to acting as a “Shop Window” and the Rep Office is not permitted to engage in selling products or services or entering into contracts in Qatar.

According to Decision No142/2006 of the Qatar Minister of Business and Trade - a foreign firm may open a representational trade office without a local partner or sponsor. This type of entity cannot conduct any financial transactions related to the company’s activities in Qatar and are therefore not subject to tax in Qatar.

The Trade Office cannot import, export or sell any product in the State of Qatar and cannot promote any product not produced by the company. The purpose of this type of entity is only to hire staff in Qatar and to build initial relationships in the country.

Key Features of a Trade Representative Office in Qatar

  • A Trade Representative Office of a foreign company can act as a ‘Shop Window’ without exporting, importing, or selling goods and services in Qatar
  • A Trade Representative Office is not allowed to create customers or sign contracts in Qatar
  • The Rep Office cannot undertake promotions or advertisements for the business in Qatar
  • A Rep Office must appoint an approved Auditor in Qatar who will apply for tax exemption, accounts are still filed however.
  • A foreign company can set up its Rep Office in Qatar with 100% ownership without a Local Partner or Sponsor being required
  • There is no requirement for share capital with a Rep Office
  • It is possible to turn the Rep Office into a Limited Liability Company (LLC) at a later stage once the Company wishes to expand its operations in Qatar

How to set up a Trade Representative Office (TRO) in Qatar?

A Trade Representative Office TRO or RTO has an unlimited duration and the commercial registration can be renewable on a rolling annual basis. Here are the steps to set up a Representative Trade Office in Qatar:

  1. Complete the initial detailed application form and submit to the Minister of Commerce and Industry
  2. Submit the Notarised, Legalised and Attested Foreign documents – including the Memorandum of Association of the parent company and Certificate of Incorporation, a Power of Attorney and Board Resolution for the nominated manager in Qatar to establish the Trade Representative Office, to the Investment Promotion Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry(MOCI)
  3. Provide a statement of financial support from the parent company.

On approval from the Ministry;

  1. Apply for a Commercial Registration at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI)
  2. Obtain the Qatar Chamber of Commercial Registration
  3. Obtain a commercial permit from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs – and obtain the Trade Licence from the Qatar Municipality
  4. Obtain a commercial registration number from the Ministry of Interior in Qatar (Immigration Department)
  5. Obtain the Computer Card from the Qatari Labour Department
  6. Obtain the company Tax Card if required

Detailed list of documents Required to Set Up a Representative Office in Qatar:

  1. Completed detailed application form for The Minister of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI)
  2. Notarised, Attested, Legalised and Translated copies of the Constitutional Documents - MOA, Certificate of Incorporation of the Foreign Parent Company
  3. Notarised, Attested, Legalised and Translated copies of Power of Attorney and Board Resolution from the Foreign Company to establish and manage the Rep Office in Qatar and give power to the General Manager
  4. Statement from the company as to why a TRO is required
  5. Statement of Financial support for the TRO
  6. Letter of Authority from the Parent Company instructing Venture Partner to represent them before the various Ministries in Qatar

How can Venture Partner Qatar help?

Setting up a Trade Rep Office in Qatar is an attractive prospect for businesses, however, the process can often be time consuming and complex and it can be difficult to understand the various regulations of setting up a new business.

Our on the ground expert team in Qatar are subject matter experts in company formation for the various business entities and will guide you through the formation process from start to finish.

Venture Partner Qatar can offer a hassle-free solution by providing reliable support to set up your company in Qatar by taking care of processes and the documentation required.

Contact us using the form below for further information or call us in Doha on +974 4478 8765 or drop us an email at and a member of the team will get back to you right away.


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