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Branch Office in Qatar

What is a Foreign Branch Office in Qatar?

The Foreign Investment Law in Qatar contains provisions that, a branch of a foreign company can be registered in Qatar if that foreign company/ business has a legal contract in Qatar which is performing a specific project, which facilitates the performance of a public service or utility, in other words Government related.

Foreign companies registered under this category do not need a sponsor and are 100% foreign owned. Branch Offices cannot, however, undertake any other commercial activity in Qatar outside the scope of the contract and the life of the branch is in effect, linked to the life of the contract. Consequently, the formation of Branch Offices is not that common and only suits a small number of ventures. Many foreign investors do not want the restriction of only trading within the confines of a given contract.

A branch office is in effect an extension of the parent company where business activities are carried out.

A foreign company who is seeking to execute a contract with the Qatari Government is able to set up a branch office in Qatar provided they adhere to the regulations of setting up a Foreign Branch Office.

Here are the key considerations and requirements to set up a branch office in Qatar.

  • Initial approval needs to be obtained by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI)
  • The Foreign Branch is only entitled to perform the specific contract for which it is registered
  • The Foreign Branch may be required to close once the contract is fulfilled
  • There is no capital requirement for a Branch
  • The branch office is fully taxable unless a special contract is registere

The key documents required to Set Up a Branch Office in Qatar

  • Notarised, Attested, Legalised and Translated copies of Power of Attorney and Board Resolution from the Foreign Company to establish and manage the branch in Qatar
  • Notarised, Attested, Legalised and Translated copies of the Foreign Company i.e. Certificate of Incorporation and Articles
  • The letter of support from the Qatari Government entity stating whom the services will be provided to
  • The copy of contract with the Qatari Government entity
  • Approval from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) to establish a branch
  • Commercial Registration (CR)
  • Qatar Chamber of Commercial Registration
  • Obtain a Trade Licence from the Municipality.
  • Computer Card and Labour Department
  • Tax Card

How to open a Branch Office in Qatar?

For more details on the specific steps and requirements to set up a Branch Office in Qatar please read our detailed article here:

How can Venture Partner Qatar help?

Setting up a Branch Office in Qatar is an attractive prospect for businesses, however, the process can often be time consuming and complex. Venture Partner Qatar can offer a hassle-free solution by providing reliable support to set up your company in Qatar by taking care of processes and the documentation required. Contact us using the form below for further information.


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